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We live in hope that the hand of fate will bring us the relief that we need.

This mock up arcade machine is filled with pills that house small screen printed stamps, each symbolising the power of sending the help that can make someone feel better. The prints contain visuals and lyrics which provide a clue to the social or political issue it hopes to positively support. For a donation, your can purchase 'currency' to insert in the machine to try and retrieve a pill. It is not easy, in fact it is difficult and frustrating because this simple public desire to provide help is often left in weak hands, especially with a Tory government. Charities have been left to fill the gaps in aid, help and support for basic care in housing, addiction, domestic abuse and poverty. Should you be lucky enough to dispense a pill, all the money donated through playing will be donated to the charity displayed on your stamp. You will keep your screen print as a small reminder that you took the challenge, persevered and succeeded in sending help, even when those in power don't.

Part of the solution
Part of the Solution
Whalley Range, MCR
Moss Side, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Churchtown, Southport
Whalley Range, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Auckland Viaduct, NZ
Westhaven Marina, Auckland, NZ
Alexandra Park, MCR
Chorlton, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Whalley Range, MCR
Olympic Park, London
Chorlton, MCR
Chorlton, MCR
Trafford, MCR
Chorlton, MCR
Thornton, Dorset
Thornton, Dorset
Thornton, Dorset
Thornton, Dorset
Moss Side, MCR
Our Correspondence
our correspondence
Jigsaw side 2
Jigsaw side 2
St Helens library
Graphic jigsaw side 1
Graphic jigsaw side 2
74 petals
Looking For Tony
Dropped Off

When I arrived in London I was dropped in Parliament Square. The taxi driver said that Tony lived round the corner.


I found a map on the square that had all the famous places London had to offer. I thought I could take Tony to Westminster Abbey for the afternoon.

On My Way

I had to run across the road away from a man that started to scream at me. He was very angry, I think he said his name was Brian?

Number 10

Finally got to Tony's house, the guards said he was busy?

Bush In A Bush

I went around the back to see if I could get Tonys attention, but a dog chased me away.

Phone Box

Found a real London red phone box by Tony's house, I will get him on this...

Answer Machine

The number just rang out, he must be making his lunch. I left a message anyway.

Work Meeting

I overheard someone say that important meetings were held in the Cabinet War Rooms, took me ages but I found them!

Cold Bum

I went to the Cabinet War Room entrance but it was locked up. I felt lonely.

Giving Up

Im getting really hungry now, going to head home and see if Tony has left a message for me at the hotel. The people on the Underground didn't seem very friendly.


I had no message, so I ate and changed my clothes. I decided that I would leave instructions at reception for Tony to meet me at the park when he called.

I See Him

I can see someone! Coming down the path now...

Mistaken Identity

...Oh no, it's not him. He just has the same awesome leather bomber jacket.


I know he will turn up. I will just wait on this bench a while and rest my eyes.

gamble view
Gamble 2
gamble 3
gamble 4
Gamble Mess
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