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Emmer Winder




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Your Seat

Conceptual artist & teacher

Go on, ask me what I have been doing for twenty years...

...well, while you're so insistent I will give you the main points.

  • I developed a love for non traditional creative practice at college and University while studying to gain a B.A Interactive Arts.  

  • I started my own photography business (NumberSix) which documented events from: weddings, NHS promotions, community celebrations, musical performances and educational activities. You could say it was quite a broad range.

  • I began to design my own workshops which were delivered in nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and at older people's groups.

  • I was awarded residencies within schools to develop projects with students that would challenge social, moral and ethical issues. This was an opportunity to prove that creativity could come in many forms. Not all artists can draw, but all have a message to share.

  • I really loved being in a school environment (I know, what's wrong with me?) so I also took up an offer to teach. I found myself in the amazing position of showing others how to analyse, understand and produce the things I love. 

  • I now primarily teach GCSE Photography, deliver conceptual workshops and create my own socially engaged art practice.

  • I have recently invested in environmentally friendly screen printing technology. This sustainable and fast method of producing screens means I can offer schools an experience they previously could not access, and workshops for the public. Watch this space...



CulturED /  NHS /  Collage Marketing /  Drama In Education /  KULO /  Edge Hill University /  The Lancashire Hotpots/ 

Heritage Lottery Fund /  Artists & Ideas /  FRC Group /  

Macmillan Cancer Support /  Creative Partnerships / 

  Cornerhouse Gallery /  Healthwatch Southwark /  Citadel /

St Helens Chamber /  Knowsley Council / Heart Of Glass /

St Helens LCEP  /  Garswood IMC /  Listening Ear

St Helens Arts In Libraries /  Art In Liverpool  / 

Beyond Raw Materials  / Shakespeare North Playhouse /

Lime Arts(MRI)  /  Wonder Arts

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