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We often walk by advertisements and brand publicity on the street, and although we rarely take much notice, they do subliminally stay in our conscious. Imagine the positive emotions and actions we could nurture by using this suggestive concept to promote messages of appreciation and encouragement.

During this time of global fear and confusion, many of us are trying our best to get through each day: as parents, friends, siblings, struggling to find the right words to make others feel better. We all crave some kind of reassurance that we are making the right decisions, without adding to anyone’s problems. Then we have key workers. Those that we cannot thank enough for selflessly allowing our behaviour to continue as routinely as possible, at the expense of their time and realistically, their lives.

We can take part in a community act of kindness, subtly displaying universal messages of gratitude and reinforcing positive mental health actions to strangers who may pass these endorsements each day. As a society we are learning, we don’t always make the right decisions. Therefore, the visuals act as reminders to share a smile, to reward your efforts, and ultimately not to forget that we are all part of the solution if we work together.

Instructions are below...

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To download: hover over image and select icon at bottom right.


Please post to Instagram making sure you tag numbersixprints with the hashtag #partofthesolution and your location. 


Alternatively email directly to

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